Making Moves in the Fitness Fabric World

Have you ever noticed your workout clothes get a little, well… smelly after a while? Yeah, us too. BUT, a new company has recently come up with a solution for that.

The reason your exercise apparel can start to smell after a while is actually due to bacteria that enter the fabric in the form of sweat. These bacteria are very difficult to remove with average laundry detergents.  

“Accel Lifestyle, with Megan Eddings as founder and CEO, recently launched a line of tees and tanks featuring Prema, which is a Supima® cotton/polyester blend with a trade-secret silver-polyester anti-stink antimicrobial component that is incorporated during the yarn production stage.” This technology works by not allowing bacteria to enter the fabric at all. Also, after research and testing the fabric held up after months of washing with improvement on bacteria and smell.

The CEO states, “Also, most antimicrobial fabric is made from primarily, or 100-percent man-made fibers,” Eddings added. “It is very important that we use the world’s best cotton, Supima, for the luxurious hand, while also being optimal for sweat and performance.”

Female running

The textile world is always evolving and improving. With products like this, we can look forward to solutions to all of our textile needs! For over 150-years, Fletcher Industries has been proud to provide top service, and full technical support, for each of our valued clients. We can help consult on a new project, or assist in the maintenance of the actual equipment.  It’s what we’ve done for a century and a half. We look forward to what the next 150 years have in store, and we hope that you will continue to be part of our rich and ongoing history.  For more information, please visit our website or call (910) 692-7133.


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