Fletcher Industries

For over 150-years, Fletcher Industries has provided top service and full technical support for every client and every project taken on! Our sophisticated turnkey manufacturing solutions can bend and flex to whatever your project needs.

We specialize in engineering solutions for the textile industry and have proudly helped major companies with a vision to create the machinery to fit their needs and budget. Learn more about our process, the products we offer, and our stellar services.

The Fletcher Industries Process

The Fletcher Industries Process consists of our best practices that we have developed and refined throughout our long and successful history. After our team’s initial conversation with our customer to determine the scope of the project, a detailed plan of action is created that guarantees not only that our clients are satisfied with our work, but that the lines of communication are open throughout every step of the process. Upon approval of this proposed action plans, your product is manufactured and delivered into your satisfied hands.

Our Exceptional Products

Now that you know more about the Fletcher Industries Process and how it works to meet our client’s needs, it’s time for you to now become acquainted with some of our exceptional product offerings, all of which come with a one-year warranty. These and all of our products can help you in any area of the textile industry.

Braiding Machinery
If you need an efficient process to manufacture braided rope, cords, over-braid, and medical structures then consider Ratera braiding machinery.
Weaving Services and Supplies

If you are in need of products that will meet your weaving needs, look no further than Fletcher Industries. We supply many businesses like yours with loom, battens, and custom shuttles and metags to complete any type of weaving job.

Winding Machinery

Fletcher Industries offers an extensive range of semi-automatic and automatic winders through our valued industry partner Ratera. There’s no greater satisfaction than when two qualified companies combine to guarantee client satisfaction.


We offer twisting machines that can twist in many forms, including ring, industrial ring, and spinning. Take comfort in knowing that if there’s a shape that exists, Fletcher Industries can capably help you twist it.

For over 150-years, Fletcher Industries has been proud to provide top service and full technical support for each of our valued clients. We can help consult on a new project or assist in the maintenance of the actual equipment.  It’s what we’ve done for a century and a half, and we have no plans of stopping any time soon. We look forward to what the next 150 years have in store, and we hope that you will continue to be part of our rich and ongoing history.  For more information, please visit our website or call (910) 692-7133.

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