How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity on Manufacturing Floors

How many times have you looked at your calendar and thought, “There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done?” From the constant onslaught of professional responsibilities that get added to your plate to the multitude of tasks and duties to be taken care of at home, you understand that it is crucial to be efficient and productive at all times to keep your head above water.

This is something we at Fletcher Industries not only understand, but frequently think about and incorporate into our practices. Our mission is to deliver fine products and services to all of our valued clients, and this requires us to think of innovative ways to do so in order to meet demands and expectations. We recognize that what is done well can always be examined and done better, and here are a few of the ways we’re striving to improve our processes and daily operations:

We Review our Production Plan

Though older or current ways of doing business may be working, it’s never safe to assume that these are the onlyways to get things done. Fletcher Industries constantly reviews its production plans in order to make sure our operations are as efficient and up-to-date as possible. The BDC encourages manufacturing businesses like ours to frequently review the status quo because effective scheduling and a solid production plan result in reduced labor and inventory costs, optimized equipment usage, and improved delivery times.

We Ask Ourselves Questions

On the manufacturing floor, asking ourselves these three simple questions from Lean Production leads to simple yet effective actions. These questions revolve around utilizing information to make informed decisions that lead to successful actions. To regularly improve productivity, our management team reviews what the top sources of downtime are in a given shift, which of these sources is the easiest to address, and what actions can be taken to immediately resolve the issue.

We Examine Our Workspaces

Whether working at a desk each day or surveying the manufacturing floor, we believe that if an employee is comfortable in their individual work environment, chances are that they’ll be more motivated to perform their duties to the highest standard. This philosophy is something that leaders in the manufacturing industry consistently embrace. states that optimizing a workspace goes a long way in boosting company morale, and when company morale is boosted, customers see the impact in great customer service and a great end product. Personal workspaces can include motivators like family pictures while installing racks or shelving in shared spaces can help organize crucial materials and make them accessible to all.

Manufacturing efficiency and productivity not only impact those in the working environment, but they also affect the client’s end product and experience. Combined with the finest quality materials, Fletcher Industries prides itself on the knowledge of its staff and meticulous production practices. For more information on how we can provide sophisticated, turnkey solutions as seamlessly and stress-free as possible, contact us at 910-692-7133 or


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