Practicing Sustainability

There are a number of activities that we do on a daily basis that result in drastic consequences to our world; from the cars we drive to get to work, to the airplanes we travel in, we have a profound imprint on the quality of our world.

It is our duty to be proactive and do whatever we can to help sustain our environment and enhance its quality. We at Fletcher Industries are proud to support efforts of sustainability both at the office and in our homes. We believe in following best practices to minimize our carbon imprint on our precious world, and you should too.

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Get to Know the Three Pillars of Sustainability

The Three Pillars of Sustainability were identified in 2005 by the World Summit on Social Development as: Economic Development, Social Development, and Environmental Protection.

Economic Development focuses on providing incentives for businesses and other organizations to follow guidelines for sustainability beyond what is legally required. This also involves giving people what they require without sacrificing quality of life. Social Development involves awareness and education regarding the health of people as a result of man-made pollution. Finally, Environmental Development relates to how we should be studying and protecting our world’s eco-systems, air quality, and natural resources and how our impact on the environment stresses their quality.

How do you interact with these pillars in your daily life and how can you utilize them to improve our planet?

Remember- one person can make a big difference when it comes to our impact on the environment, both positively and negatively. Fletcher Industries makes it our priority to practice sustainability in everything we do; in how we produce our products, the materials we choose, and how we run our production facility in Southern Pines. 

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