Skilled Trades

In the United States today, parents, educators, and society put an enormous amount of pressure on kids to go to college and get a degree. That degree may put them in debt for the rest of their lives, without the guarantee of a job right out of college. However, many people forget that there’s another route to take. Trade school and skilled trade jobs are an amazing option for kids today, and in fact, there is a large demand for skilled trades at this time.

Skilled trades include construction managers, plumbers, electricians, industrial machinery mechanics, and many more. These jobs make for incredible careers, and the road to get there includes very little, to no debt. Trade school degrees take, on average, 2 years; and opportunities for jobs right out of school are much more abundant.

Woman working on machine with safety hat and goggles

These jobs include many benefits that young people may be looking for. Not sitting at a desk, having passion for a job, and making a lasting impact are just a few. Skilled trades also make very sustainable and enjoyable careers.

If you or someone you know is second guessing the “traditional” college path, let them know they have options!

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