Just In Time (JIT) Manufacturing and Benefits

Reducing manufacturing waste is one of Fletcher Industries top priorities. This is why we embrace JIT (Just-in-time) manufacturing. JIT manufacturing adapts to changes in demand and produces products when the consumer needs them instead of producing quantities based on trends. JIT manufacturing not only reduces waste, but it also saves the consumer money. Below are the variations and benefits of JIT manufacturing.

JIT is about producing a specific part in a specific quality at a specific time. It gives a fast response to customers, quicker takt time, and more control. There are a couple of different types of JIT

  1. JIT Distribution: Includes third-party logistics allowing companies to focus on their area of expertise and logistics distribution to be carried out by a third party.
  2. JIT Purchasing: Materials are bought well before their use. Product development and lot sizing are extremely critical in JITP.

Advantages of JIT

Just-in-time production has many benefits ranging from:

  • The avoidance of building costs due to no large storage areas
  • Fewer labor costs due to no additional security personnel
  • Reduction in overhead and scrap
  • Saving on time and labor costs due to no excessive production
  • And less capital investment from no excessive buying

JIT production management uses lean operation philosophy, meaning it requires less time, space, machines, material, and human efforts to execute tasks. It reduces production cost and ultimately increases profit. It is a perfect textile manufacturing solution for those looking to produce more and waste less. Textile production of turning fibers into fabric can cause waste and excess products, but by using JIT manufacturing, the proper amount of product is produced at the right time.

As a byproduct of decades of manufacturing machinery and assembly experience, Fletcher Industries has integrated expertise with state-of-the-art machine tools to create a service division for small lot manufacturing. Core capabilities, combined with inventory planning for just-in-time delivery, provide a comprehensive manufacturing solution for textile clients and diversified manufacturers alike. Please reach out to us by phone, or submit an inquiry through our contact page to learn how we can meet your manufacturing needs.




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