The Brilliance of 3D Engineering Designs

As technology brings design elements into clearer view even before a product is ever manufactured, the importance of 3D renderings has become increasingly significant. 3D engineering allows a designer to pull all the details from their brain and create a realistic drawing of the end product. It is becoming less of an exception and more of a rule in product design and development.

Realistic – 3D design allows the designer to give a clear picture of what the customer can expect. It makes the rendering more vivid and lifelike and allows you to give your customers a more realistic representation of the final product. In addition, it is easy to change something within a 3D design to see how that might impact the end-result.

Remove questions – A 3D model is far superior to traditional 2D designs because it shows exactly what the customer will receive. This allows them to check for fine details of the product instead of trying to imagine what the finished design will resemble.

Positive impact on project execution – The use of 3D models eliminates the field of interferences, produces less design rework, increases productivity and ultimately saves money.

Accurate measurements – 3D design shows the physical dimension of objects (to scale) as well as how they relate to other objects within the design. This helps customers to more accurately adjust plans.

Less interpretation – In a 2D design, often there is need for interpretation or a description of what they customer can expect. By comparison a 3D design shows them an exact representation. There is little room for question or error.

At Fletcher Industries, our Machine Services allow us to provide customers with 3D engineering renderings. This coupled with decades of manufacturing machinery and assembly experience allows us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art design solutions.

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