How is 3D Printing Revolutionizing Engineering

While we can almost guarantee that at some point in your life, you probably have encountered someone who is an engineer, but how much do you understand what they really do? Engineering, for those of us who didn’t major in this subject in college, is a branch of science and technology that is all about compelling designs, functional yet progressive buildings, and how technology, engines, machines, and structures are used to make those visions a reality. So it’s logical that all engineers would be greatly concerned and enthusiastic about how technology can not only make their lives easier but how it can improve the lives of those they work for.
One such technology that is changing this already innovative industry is 3D printing. According to Study Link, three-dimensional printing, or additive manufacturing, goes beyond the capability of printing in the traditional sense of ink on paper. Instead, this type of printing allows 3D objects to be physically printed before your very eyes.

3D printers allow engineers to create prototypes, models, and products out of materials such as plastics and metals. The printers do this by creating layer upon layer of your design in your chosen material until the final product is formed. 3D printing allows companies and individuals to rapidly prototype ideas for new parts or products and also promises to cut down costs on the creation of products through savings in supply-chains, product waste, and storage.

The benefits of 3D printing are likely to revolutionize many industries. The automotive and aerospace industries benefit from much shorter lead times than with associated traditional engineering methods such as casting or machining, allowing for much faster development and testing of components. This is even something that we are starting to see in home construction; the days of being able to print your customized residence are not too far off. This technology is evidence of the exciting times we live in, and the many thrilling directions we can go in together.

Engineering is an industry that is all about innovation and taking full advantage of the latest and greatest technology. That’s why the concept of 3d printing and incorporating it into their professional routines is critical in today’s world. Fletcher Industries is a business that has fully embraced this incredible technology in our daily lives. Engaging in 3D printing is an exceptional way to not only deliver the quality service our customers deserve, but it effectively keeps our reliable company looking ahead to the future.

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