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winding machine

Ratera offers a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic winders to suit every bobbin winding task.

ML-100: the latest in automatic winding technology, the ML-100 adjusts winding speed, traverse length and speed and and bobbin size to accommodate multiple bobbin types on one machine. Parameters are saved as recipes for instant recall to wind new fibers or bobbins instantly.

PVLU: our most popular, the PVLU series is available in 220 through 650 mm traverse lengths. A semi-automatic machine, the PVLU is the best solution for weaving quills and braider applications from 140 through 727 mm gauge machines

Take-ups: Ratera builds the best in machine mounted and autonomous take-ups. Available for all machines, Ratera take-ups feature simple set-up, easy loading and for autonomous units mobility between machines.

Fletcher winders for filament, spun and assembly winds are legendary for their durability and performance. Whether the job needs a light touch for micro-deniers or more stout applications for technical fibers we have a solution to fit your application and budget.

Cassette Winders: Mobile or fixed installation, servo controlled (constant) line speed and package traverse. The solution for technical applications with concerns for delicate fiber handling and the perfect package.

Pirn Winders: Gang machines of 10, 20 or 40 spindles for bobbin spool, double taper or bottle bobbin builds, the Fletcher 20me offers the latest in intuitive operator interface and ease of use and maintenance.

Reeling Systems: Designed for product packaging the FM series of reeling and blocking are autonomous and may be integrated in-line with existing processes. Designed for simplicity the FM makes easy making your products safe for transport and looking good for your customer.

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