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Our Values

Our mission is to enhance our clients’ competitive position in a global market for conventional and technical textile manufacture. We will achieve our mission through aggressive service, superior products, and unflinching determination to be the best.

Service defines the Fletcher Companies. We assume the most aggressive service posture in support of Ratera, Metag and Fletcher-Made machinery. We maintain a solution-driven strategy which demands anticipating client needs, designing concepts, and executing solutions best which best enhance client cash flows.

We seek and have found the best products in Ratera braiding and Metag weaving systems. These companies lead the rest in reliable tools of productions. The success of the Fletcher Companies is made possible by our team current and future, all of us sharing a single vision of best product–best practice–best result.

We strive to be the best in our field and sustain our efforts through product diversity, innovation, and team engagement.

Our Companies

John Taws

Fletcher Industries designs and manufactures shuttle looms, winders, twisters, and shuttles for narrow and broadloom weaving applications. Our products are designed to meet the multi-faceted requirements necessary to forming complex technical textiles.

Fletcher International is an integrated service company supporting textile applications for home, medical, aerospace, and industrial applications. Our technical expertise and precision engineering provide international customers with OEM-level service, machinery support, and worldwide shipping. Our products are RATERA braiding machines and METAG heavy duty needle looms for a full range of manufacturing tools for small and large textile constructions.

We provide the highest levels of service, comprehensive spare parts support, factory-trained technical service personnel, and project engineering to ensure your success.

Our History

Fletcher Industries remains active in manufacturing and textiles after more than 165 years. Founded Schaum & Uhlinger, Fletcher is a global brand of weaving twisting and winding machines. In 1959, the company moved to Southern Pines, North Carolina from Philadelphia and then opened additional facilities in Statesville, North Carolina in 1960. Today we have consolidated our manufacturing to Southern Pines where fabrication, machining, and assembly are housed in 60,000 square feet.

Fletcher International was founded in 1968 to import needle loom technology. We have since diversified to include braiding, weaving, knitting, and finishing equipment, and now have moved our concentration to our core IP of narrow fabrics for technical textiles.

Fletcher is a third-generation, family-owned company led by John Taws. John was appointed president in 1996 and under his leadership the company has found success in technical applications. Fletcher initiated a major re-fit in 2016 including new equipment, facility enhancements, and product development slated to be completed in early 2018.

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Fletcher Industries & Fletcher International
1485 Central Drive
Southern Pines, NC 28387